Policies and Pricing


    The Medical School Electron Microscope Facility is an internal service 
facility committed to providing a top-quality and up-to-date electron 
microscopy services to the University of Wisconsin system.
The Facility is open for use to the University research community, as 
well as the private sector (at an additional cost).  We will work with 
any organization needing electron microscopy applications, consultation,
and/or training.


     All new projects require an initial consultation.  Specimen preparation 
work may be performed entirely or in part by Facility staff.  Microscope 
operation must be performed by Facility staff, unless users are properly trained.


    Training for specimen preparation, microscope use, digital imaging, 
and photographic instruction are available.  Training for microscope use is 
required before unsupervised user microscope operation.  Users will not be 
allowed to operate equipment without staff present, until sufficient proficiency 
has been attained and approval granted.  After-hours use of the Facility is 
not allowed without prior authorization.


    Initial consultation is available free of charge to prospective users.  
Ongoing consultation is included in the fee charged on billable projects.


Due to the custom nature of TEM projects, please consult the Facility staff for a price quote for a proposed microscopy project.


     The Electron Microscope Facility requests acknowledgment in publications 
containing micrographs, resulting from staff performed work, as well as two 
copies of any reprints.


1996-1997 UW-Med. School Electron Microscope Facility, Randall J. Massey rjmassey@facstaff.wisc.edu & Ben August bkaugust@facstaff.wisc.edu